Ecoforest Heat Pumps

The Benefits

“ecoAIR+ EVI 4-20” heat pump

Aerothermal heat pump with EVI technology. High power and high performance even when outdoor temperatures are extreme

The Ecoforest aerothermal heat pump allows you to reduce up to 80% of a home’s energy consumption, using a renewable energy source that minimizes CO2 emissions into the environment.

Our R&D department, after several years of development, has developed a heat pump that is very compact and easy to install, maintaining all the necessary controls to regulate the temperature of your home. Unlike other aerothermal heat pumps, the ecoAIR can operate in extreme weather conditions, maintaining high performance and without reducing its power.

Ecoforest has 4 hydraulic modules that cover most installation requirements. This allows the installation to be done in a very short time.


-Power range: 4-20 kW
-Production of heating, cooling and domestic hot water up to 65ºC without the need for electrical resistance
-Total control of your home without being in it through the internet, ecoSMART easynet
-Hybridization with photovoltaic installations using the ecoSMART e-manager and e-system
-Ziehl-Abbeg Axial fan with the highest efficiency and quietest operation on the market
-Variable fan speed control
-Monobloc unit, 100% hydraulic installation
-Special protections for operation in the most extreme conditions
-Single-phase (230V) and three-phase (400V) power supply
-Operation up to -20ºC in heating and 55ºC in cooling: -20ºC/65ºC and 55ºC/7ºC
-Modular construction. Aerothermal equipment on the outside and optional hydrokit on the inside


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